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Serial Killer Documentary
Cole's One -Hour Comedy Special!
"Help! I'm Stuck! with Cole Escola"
Mom Commercial
Jessica Christ
Morning Show Gender Reveal Tips
from "Help! I'm Stuck!"
Congress FAIL
Pee Pee Manor
The Unaired Pilot
Extremely Frustrated Anchor Woman
Monologue for a Teenage Boy
Deleted Scene from 'Titanic'
Lorraine Got On The News!
Front Porch Scene
from "Help! I'm Stuck!"
Deleted Scene from "The Godfather"
Straight Guy Audition
from "Help! I'm Stuck!' Live Show
Cabaret Legend Maven Crawford Sings 'O Holy Night'
The Goblin Commuter of Hoboken
Gay Vlog Gay Vlogger Gay Vlogging Gay Gay
from 2014
Masterpiece Classics: A Straight Guy Pissing All Over A Toilet Seat
Joyce's Greeting Cards
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